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The Selling Process...

How It Works

We recognise that selling your car in Benfleet can be a stressful ordeal. Our team aims to simplify the process as much as possible. Here are a few measures we adopt to guarantee a seamless experience during your selling journey.
Complete Our Contact Form
Start by filling out our online quotation form to kick off the process effortlessly. We are avaliable Monday-Saturday between 8AM-7PM.
Get A Quote On The Phone
Our expert team will contact you to discuss specifics like your car’s mileage and condition, ensuring clear communication and understanding.
Book A Home Visit
We'll arrange a visit to your location in Essex for a detailed inspection, allowing us to assess the vehicle thoroughly.
Recieve Your Money
After agreeing on a price, you'll receive payment immediately, often before we take the car (depending on how long money transfers take with your bank).
Our Benefits

Why Sell To Car Buyers Essex?

sell my car essex

Keeping It Simple

Our Car Buyers Benfleet aim to simplify the car selling experience, which can often seem daunting due to its complexity and the jargon involved. We have refined our process to be transparent and straightforward, treating our clients as partners and prioritizing their needs throughout the transaction.

  • Simple Process
  • Stress-Free
  • Instant Payment
  • We Handle The Paperwork
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Competitive Pricing

We provide an honest evaluation of your vehicle, ensuring that you receive a competitive price. Our process is designed to eliminate the usual stress associated with selling a car, providing a clear, direct service that you can depend on.

  • Equitable Pricing
  • Transparent Costs
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Customer-Centric Service

No hidden fees, no unnecessary haggling, and no pressure to sell. We are committed to an open and honest transaction, empowering you to make the best decision based on your situation.

  • Home Visits
  • Relaxed Selling Experience
essex car buyers

7+ Years Experience Buying Cars

With seven years of expertise in the car buying field, Car Buyers Essex has proven itself as a trusted provider in Benfleet, known for its prompt and secure payment methods, including bank transfer or cash.

  • Seven Years of Car Buying Experience
  • Accurate Car Valuation Specialists

Common Questions

How Do I Receive The Money?

Payments are made instantly via bank transfer or cash, typically occurring on the spot, though timing may vary based on your bank’s processes.

How Much is My Car Worth?

For an accurate assessment, we engage in detailed discussions over the phone to consider all factors like mileage and the car’s overall condition, which can significantly impact its value.

Do You Buy All Cars?

While our specialty is in Audis and Volkswagens, we have a broad interest in various other vehicle types as well. Contact us for more specifics.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car?

We aim for efficiency and can often conduct an evaluation and complete the sale on the same day or shortly thereafter.

What If I Don’t Have The Logbook?

If you don’t have your logbook, we recommend applying for a replacement via a V62 form, which usually takes about 10 days to process, with a £25 fee.

Do You Take Cars For Scrap?

We focus on purchasing operational used cars. For vehicles meant for scrap, we can suggest alternative providers.


Easy Car Selling In Benfleet

The moment you’ve decided to sell your car, you’re likely to be flooded with a myriad of concerns. You’re probably thinking about how to get the best price for it, or perhaps you’re worried about the hassle of dealing with tyre-kickers and time-wasters. We understand, and we’re here to assist. We’re a leading car buying company in Essex, well-known for our competitive pricing. That’s right. We’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the most value for your money.

Some Areas We Cover


Conveniently close to the A127, we offer swift home visits and are readily available for any queries.


With close proximity to our main office, we provide rapid car evaluations in Basildon, streamlining the selling process.


Whether you’re near the seafront or in the city center, we are prepared to assist, providing on-the-spot valuations and visits.


We extend our services across Chelmsford, including Broomfield and Danbury, offering comprehensive service options.


We are active throughout Benfleet, ensuring efficient transaction processes, potentially completing sales within the same day.


Ready to assist in Colchester, we offer competitive pricing and expert services right at your doorstep.

& The Rest Of Essex!


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