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Wickford, Essex

The Selling Process...

How It Works

Selling your car in Colchester doesn’t have to be near impossible. Our team simplifies the process for you. Discover our steps to ensure a seamless and stress-free car-selling experience.
Complete Our Contact Form
Begin by contacting our team via the contact form. We're here from 8 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Saturday, ready to discuss your car-selling requirements in detail.
Get A Quote On The Phone
When filling out our contact form, we'll need to ask a few questions about your vehicle, including its make, model, registration, and current mileage. We'll also inquire about any possible damage, whether to the paintwork or mechanical issues.
Book A Home Visit
When we visit your home, the team will thoroughly inspect your car to assess its overall condition. This helps us identify any potential damage that might have gone unnoticed.
Recieve Your Money
Should you agree to the proposed price, we'll handle all the essential paperwork, including the logbook. You'll get paid instantly, even before your car is driven away from your driveway in Colchester.
Our Benefits

Why Sell To Car Buyers Essex?

sell my car essex

Keeping It Simple

Dealing with endless paperwork when selling your car in Colchester can be a nightmare. We believe in keeping things simple, so our process is designed to be effortless for you. Simply fill out our contact us form, and you could possibly have money in your bank the same day. Plus, we take care of the logbook for you!

  • We Take Care of the Paperwork
  • Stress-Free Selling
  • Immediate Payment
  • Straightforward Procedure
car buyers in essex

Competitive Pricing

There’s nothing more disappointing than selling a beloved car for less than its value. At Car Buyers Colchester, we ensure you receive a fair price. If the details you provide are accurate, you won’t face any surprise fees. We also have several strategies to help you maximise your car’s selling price.

  • Transparent Offers
  • No Unexpected Fees
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The Choice Is Yours

Booking a home visit doesn’t mean you need to sell the vehicle to us. Our team is approachable and committed to providing a relaxed, no-pressure sales environment.

  • Home Visits Available
  • Pressure-Free Sales Experience
essex car buyers

7+ Years Experience Buying Cars

We have more than seven years of experience in purchasing used cars across Essex, from Porsches to Volkswagens; our expertise allows us to value your car accurately and navigate the complexities of the car market. Visit our About page to find out more about our services.

  • Experienced in Car Buying for Over 7 Years
  • Expert Car Valuers

Common Questions

How Do I Receive The Money?

We process all payments through bank transfer or cash, issued immediately upon the deal being finalised. Most bank transfers are completed instantly these days, although this can vary depending on your bank.

How Much is My Car Worth?

We need to discuss your car over the phone for a precise valuation. Two cars with identical mileage could differ in condition due to body or engine damage. We follow a thorough evaluation process; after we gather all the required details, we’ll arrange a visit and offer a final price.

Do You Buy All Cars?

We specialise in Audis and Volkswagens, but that doesn’t limit us from buying other brands. If you’re interested in your car, please fill out our contact form, and one of our team members will be in touch.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car?

Our goal is to buy your car as quickly as possible. Often, we can schedule a visit on the same day; if not, within the next few days. Get a quote immediately by filling out our online contact form.

What If I Don’t Have The Logbook?

Upon our arrival, we’ll need to see your logbook. If it’s missing, we suggest applying for a replacement. This involves filling out a V62 form, available [here](#). After submitting your V62, expect your new logbook to arrive within 10 days. Be aware that there is a £25 charge for processing a new V62 form.

Do You Take Cars For Scrap?

No, we exclusively buy used cars that are operational. If you’re looking to scrap your car, we can direct you to another service that handles it.


Sell Your Car In Essex Without Leaving The Sofa

Say goodbye to the lengthy and disappointing process of private car sales. Our Car Buyers in Essex makes an offer all with you leaving your couch! After collecting all essential details and making a no-obligation offer, we’ll arrange a home visit when it suits you. Following a brief conversation, we’ll make an offer you can accept or reject.

Some Areas We Cover


Our headquarters are conveniently located in Wickford, right off the A127. If you’re nearby and considering selling your car, we offer speedy home visits. Plus, we’re around the corner for any queries you might have.


Much like Wickford, Basildon is merely a short hop from our main office. We can typically reach you swiftly for an evaluation in Basildon.


Regardless of whether you are located around the seafront or somewhere in Southend town, we will arrive at your door to buy the car. Get in touch with us directly by filling out the contact form.


We travel to many areas across Chelmsford, including Danbury, Broomfield, Springfield, Great Baddow, Maldon, Little Baddow, Writtle, etc.


Our team travels through every area in Benfleet. We have travelled to South Benefleet, North Benfleet, and Thundersley. We work swiftly, which means your car can be sold by the end of the day.


Do you want to sell the vehicle in Colchester? Then, our team is a message away. We offer home visits across Colchester. Please fill out our contact form to take advantage of our generous offers.

& The Rest Of Essex!


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